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Sabiha Arefin

Sabiha, a Civil Engineering graduate, has found her true calling in the world of Online Marketing and
Graphic Design. With a deep passion for creating visually captivating designs, she has embraced the
freedom that online work provides. She enjoys the flexibility of working remotely and collaborating with
clients from diverse backgrounds.

Sabiha has acquired multiple online marketing skills, allowing her to offer comprehensive services. By combining her creativity with strategic marketing insights, she helps businesses enhance their online presence and engage their target audiences effectively.

Outside of work, Sabiha nurtures her love for travel, having explored numerous countries and embraced
the beauty of different cultures. These experiences fuel her creativity and broaden her perspectives.
Additionally, she cherishes the precious moments spent at home with her daughter, dedicating quality
time to her and creating lasting memories together. Sabiha’s adventurous spirit extends to her taste
buds as well. She delights in discovering new flavors and experiencing diverse cuisines, relishing the
opportunity to indulge in culinary delights from around the world.

Sabiha brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set to her work. However, her capabilities reach
beyond her listed tasks, as she possesses a natural ability to learn quickly and is technologically savvy. This enables her to adapt to new challenges seamlessly and excel in various domains. She is driven by
her passion for creativity, growth, and innovation, and she welcomes collaborations.

Whether it involves graphic design, online marketing, or venturing into new areas, Sabiha embraces each project with enthusiasm, constantly expanding her skill set to deliver exceptional results.