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Michi Lantz

Michi is a dynamic communicator and creative leader. She has a great interest in storytelling and storytelling in various forms.

She is a storyteller, communicator, and leader with a long experience in scriptwriting, filming, VR/AR/XR/VR360, producing, and directing. She’s an entrepreneur too, with specialties in – Storytelling, communication, creative leadership, branding, and leading organizations with a focus on teamwork, and immersive interactivity. Project management and creative planning.

She’s driven by curiosity and self-development, and enjoys a high pace, and welcomes a changing environment.

Michi believes that the relationships she creates with her teammates, co-workers, and allies define the level of her work and business execution. She has an almost insatiable appetite for all types of content but also researches story structure and analyzes the strategy behind the communication and which platforms are best suited. She thrives among different types of people and speak Swedish and English fluently, and has a multicultural background – Sweden and Zambia.

She wants to be involved in cultivating a creative collaboration, and build a culture that inspires innovation and contributes to awareness. Stories and Communication are important steps. Although introverted and HSP (highly sensitive person), she is social and strives for valuable collaboration, but still works strongly independently.

She joined Mirasee January 4, 2021 as a podcast writer.

She lives in Malmo,  Sweden with her husband, has two grown-up daughters and one very cuddly cat.

She’s an avid film buff, book reader, and an eternal learner. Loves to cook and dance, and listens to music every day.