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Marjolein Rovers

Marjolein Rovers was born and raised in The Netherlands, where she got educated as a Cultural Anthropologist and Development Sociologist. In that capacity she worked for a Dutch cloth designer as a market researcher in West Africa and fell in love with the continent. So much so that she and her husband decided to move to Ghana. She left her job and started developing her entrepreneurial skill set. 

In Ghana she was COO of a successful trading business, primarily trading coffee, shea nuts and cocoa with big producers in West-Africa and Europe. And she started a local coffee house/lunchroom with her husband. It became very popular and was the social hub of the city. After having spent seven years in Ghana, they handed over their businesses and they moved to Finland. It was in Finland that she started using her skills that she had built out over the years to work virtually with different companies, like for instance The Coaches Console. 

After about three years in Finland, she and her family moved again. This time back to The Netherlands, but she never said goodbye to the virtual workplace. The Coaches Console family was warm and welcoming and she wouldn’t say goodbye to it for the world! In the meantime the worlds of Mirasee and The Coaches Console merged and Marjolein is now the Director of Operations at Mirasee.