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Lynelle Suan

Lynelle joined the Mirasee team as a copywriter in May 2022. She deeply resonates with the company’s mission, because online courses empowered her to own her life. 

When Lynelle was in 11th grade, she decided to leave the traditional school system. She did this to craft a custom curriculum through homeschooling and carve out her own path as a nonconformist. It was during this time that she dove deep into personal development and discovered the art (and science) of copywriting. 

In a short span of time, Lynelle has written award-winning pieces and been featured in various publications (including The Professional Writers’ Alliance, The Writer’s Life, and Barefoot Writer Magazine). She also won one of the $10K Bright Future Scholarships offered by American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) in March 2022.

In this season of her life, writing takes up more than half of her days. But when she’s not writing, you’ll probably see her listening to music, reading a book in the corner of her room, playing video games, catching a quick nap, or watching Netflix with her mom and little sister.