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Lori Wayne

Lori is and independent coach and consultant and has been coaching businesses and individuals for over 20 years. She loves to push people to consider the possibilities and soar. Her coaching is direct, inspiring, encouraging, real, and results oriented.

As a coach Lori is fiercely committed to guiding business owners, to get off the money roller coaster, to stop settling for mediocre business results, and to eliminate self-sabotaging money behaviors, so they can achieve financial freedom, sustain and grow successful businesses, live balanced lives and pursue their goals and dreams.

Lori has been a corporate coach and has managed sales training nationally for a Fortune 500 Company. Lori runs multiple profitable businesses of her own. In addition to being an ACES Coach, Lori is a member of the certified coach team at The Coaches Console.

In her free time Lori loves spending time with her husband, working in her garden, going to antique auctions, and riding her horses (the farther, the faster, the better) in the mountains of Colorado. Lori loves learning new things and is currently learning how to do Cowboy Mounted Shooting.