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Lizzie Alkire

Lizzie Alkire is a highly experienced professional in the field of automation, email marketing and website development, with a passion for collaboration and teamwork. Her journey in this industry began at the remarkable age of 10, where she discovered her fascination with creating websites.

Hailing from the United States, Lizzie currently manages a bustling household that includes her loving husband, who frequently travels for work, as well as three wonderful children and two enormous dogs. Balancing her personal and professional life has always been a priority for Lizzie, and she thrives on the challenges and rewards that come with it.

Lizzie’s extensive career spans over 15 years, during which she had the opportunity to work with esteemed organizations such as 6 Figure Newsletters and Animation Mentor. These experiences laid a solid foundation for her professional growth and inspired her to join the prestigious Mirasee team.

At Mirasee, Lizzie holds the position of Strategic Lead/Senior Project Manager. Her role involves spearheading various projects and working closely with her colleagues to achieve shared goals. Lizzie’s love for collaboration shines through in her work, as she thrives on the synergy created when talented individuals come together to accomplish something extraordinary.

With her deep knowledge of automation, website development, email marketing and her innate ability to connect with people, Lizzie is a valuable asset to the Mirasee team.