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Jay Allyson

Jay is a coach in our ACES Business Acceleration coaching program. She helps our students achieve next level business growth through strategic planning, operational improvement and savvy marketing.

Jay is all about creating leverage and achieving impact. To this end, she helps people place work-life balance into the business equation, working smarter not harder to achieve true freedom and independent success. She is author of Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age, host of The Leveraged Business Podcast and founder of the iSuccess Business Academy.

Jay joins Mirasee after building her own successful consulting practice supporting corporate organizations, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to develop the CEO mindset, marketing and money models required to align purpose, profitability and positioning within the marketplace.

While relishing her work, and with her two ‘kids’ now grown up, she’s a digital nomad, thrives on walks, books, puzzles, netflix/prime and earl grey tea, enjoying “leveraged” living in the heart of the English countryside.