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Cecilia Bugayong

Cecilia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from USEP Davao and dove into her career with great enthusiasm. She has always been passionate about technology since childhood and is delighted to have gained various work experiences that expanded her understanding of the digital world. Cecilia started working online as a Virtual Assistant in July 2017 and has been consistently working from home since then.

Throughout the years, Cecilia has been involved in different projects that not only fueled her passion but also improved her skills in Automation, Email Management, Integration, Data Entry, and Page Creation. She is excited to share that she is currently Mirasee’s JV Coordinator, a role that combines her past experiences and allows her to contribute her skills to new and exciting ventures.

Outside of work, Cecilia enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, exploring beautiful tourist spots with friends, and developing various hobbies and skills.