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Andrew Folkler

Andrew joined the Mirasee team as a Content Writer in January of 2022. His passion for psychology and storytelling led him down the path of writing, where he learned to apply his passions to the field of marketing. 

Andrew firmly believes that everything and everyone in life is there to teach him something. Every year he adds countless books of literature, personal development, and philosophy to his anti-library, a physical reminder that no matter how much he learns and reads, there will always be more to discover. 

Always the student, Andrew uses his esoteric knowledge to help him give back to the community. He has been a public speaker for parents suffering from parental alienation and is an Associate Producer for the documentary Erasing Family. 

On his own time, Andrew treasures his time with family and loved ones. Having traveled to multiple countries and met people from all walks of life, Andrew firmly believes these small moments are what make life beautiful. Andrew also enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading, and watching indie films.