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Ari Meisel on Productivity through Outsourcing and Automation

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Productivity is something every single entrepreneur, and aspiring entrepreneur, struggles with. Whether it’s finding time to keep your business running smoothly, or finding time to launch your business while you have a day job, people are looking for a magic bullet.

While there isn’t a way to make all your work disappear, there IS a way to make sure it gets done, whether or not you’re the one doing it.

Today’s guest, Ari Meisel, is a productivity and automation master. Using what he learned through taking back his life and health from Crohn’s disease, he put together a system that revolutionized the way he did business. While he may seem super-human, he’s got just as many hours in a day as the rest of us. He just uses them more wisely.

Plus, he designed an awesome app to tell you when you’re most productive, to make the best of your own hours.

Find out how supercharge your own productivity on today’s Business Reimagined.

      • At 6:00 – Ari talks about the two key points of the system he created. First is the 80/20 rule, and second, the external brain, which is a system you use to capture your best ideas and organize them. You might have heard of these ideas, but Ari talks about how to automate and outsource them.
      • At 8:00 – Ari talks about his ‘Less Doing Peak Time’ app that measures your productivity with a simple tap test, and what you should be doing with your peak time. Hint: It’s not the things you don’t like doing!
      • At 16:00 – Ever wonder how to take your first step into mindfulness meditation, and what it even has to do with productivity? Ari give you a great starting point and the reasoning behind it.
      • At 18:00 – Hiring staff can be expensive, and Ari addresses which services and tools are available—many of them FREE—to get  you to a place where you’re spending more time doing what you love.
      • At 20:00 – Ari talks about how much time you can actually save using his system, and gives several key points about his book, and how he wrote it.

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2 thoughts on Ari Meisel on Productivity through Outsourcing and Automation

Cynda Pike

Hey Ari,

Just downloaded the Peak Time app – how cool is this – I always think of myself as a groggy, coffee chugging person in the morning, but according to the app from 7:00-9:00 I have major skills happening. I realized – that’s true! Thanks for helping me change me perspective.

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