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What to Do If Your Coaching Client is Lying to You? (Liz Scully)

  • Episode #5

In this episode, Melinda Cohan, our host and senior coach, has an eye-opening and lively conversation with LizScully, the founder of Rethink Central, an organization that provides business strategies for entrepreneurs. They talk about what can motivate a client to lie and some common signs of lying, including micro-expressions that we have no control over. They also explain the difference between big untruths and so-called white lies. The session also addresses some compelling reasons not to challenge a client’s lie or a story they tell themselves. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How an animator became an expert in lie detection. 
  • The role of microexpressions in lie detection.
  • The difference between big untruths and the so-called social lies. 
  • What are the signs of lying?
  • What to do when your client seems to lie. 
  • Reasons to not challenge a client’s lie or a story that they tell themselves.

Because we all think that we’re kind of a closed perfect circuit. And, obviously, we’re not. We’re leaking information all the time.” 

Liz Scully

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