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Wandering and Wondering (Shaneeka)

  • Episode #14

In this episode, Esco’s client self-identifies as a wanderer, sometimes literally roaming the streets of New York City, lost in thought. As he helps her uncover a deeper purpose in her excursions, we discover how exploration can give us new direction.

Welcome to The Self-Awakened Lifestyle. This podcast aims to help listeners find ways to improve their personal and professional lives, using scientific principles and holistic practices.

“Her exploration, her wandering, is a grounding process for her…. Her wandering around is actually soothing the cells in her body.”

Esco Wilson

Esco Wilson is a lifestyle designer and the founder of The Self-Awakened Lifestyle. He helps entrepreneurs & visionary professionals develop intuitive thinking & emotional Intelligence for enhanced decision-making capabilities. Esco believes the key to high achievement is reprogramming our instinctual triggered mechanisms. The goal is to align our default reactions with essential core behaviors during life-altering moments, whether these moments are subtle or existential. He has a passion for teaching others how to build the life they want. 

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
Esco’s website

Guest – Shaneeka
Producer – Cynthia Lamb
Assembled by – Melissa Deal
Executive Producer – Danny Iny
Audio Post Supervisor – Evan Miles, Christopher Martin
Audio Post Production – Post Office Sound
Music Soundscape – Chad Michael Snavely
Making Our Hosts Sound Great – Home Brew Audio

Music and SFX credits: 
Track Title: Out of Oranges
Artist(s): Sam Barsh
Writer(s): Sam Barsh

Track Title: Newhi
Artist(s): Dallas $tyles
Writer(s): Courtney Dwight

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The Self-Awakened Lifestyle

Do you sometimes feel that you have more potential than you’re leveraging personally or professionally? Then you’ve come to the right podcast! Esco Wilson is a lifestyle designer and performance coach with an unconventional past. In each episode, Esco coaches a guest through a difficult issue and shares examples from his own past, inspiring guests and listeners to the power of their own innate potential.