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Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Coaching (Lion Goodman)

  • Episode #112

Challenging the notion that coaching should strictly address a client’s present and future, Lion Goodman advocates an approach that explores therapeutic territory — your client’s past — to root out trauma, beliefs, and behavior patterns

Lion Goodman is a Professional Certified Coach and CEO of the Clear Beliefs Institute

In this episode Melinda and Lion talk about:

  • The line between coaching and therapy
  • Healing the past versus changing patterns
  • Handling clients who have therapy and coaching needs
  • Coordinating with a therapist
  • Addressing clinical or mental issues during intake
  • Navigating boundaries related to therapeutic work
  • Using a blended coaching-therapy approach
  • Becoming trauma informed
  • The future of therapeutic coaching
“Our beliefs are the infrastructure of the human mind. And if we can change the infrastructure, everything else changes.”

Lion Goodman

Lion Goodman has been called a subconscious pattern detective, a belief therapist, a healer of the psyche, a teacher of change agents, a coach of coaches, and (his favorite) an “evocateur” — one who evokes the best in others.

He is a Professional Certified Coach and CEO of the Clear Beliefs Institute, dedicated to awakening, healing, and enlightening humanity so we can get on with the job of being fully human — working in collaboration to create a world that works for everyone. This includes individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments, all of which are needed to create a sustainable and thriving planetary civilization.

After decades of inner research and development, he created the Clear Beliefs Method of trauma-informed therapeutic coaching to eliminate negative and limiting beliefs, resolve childhood wounds, and delete traumatic memories at their source. He had the privilege of teaching this transformational technology to more than 500 coaches, therapists, healers, and consultants around the world through the Clear Beliefs Training.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
Coaches Console
Melinda’s book: The Confident Coach
Lion’s website:
Lion’s free ebook: Clear Your Client’s Limiting Beliefs
Lion’s article, “It’s Time for Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Coaching”

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