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The Power of Iteration (Darnyelle Jervey Harmon)

  • Episode #92

An Inc. 5000 CEO, Darnyelle Harmon discusses the importance of iterating and improving courses and the impact of tracking outcomes for participants. She also shares insights about her unique approach to course creation that led to her success.

Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is a multi-book author and Inc. 5000 CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC.

In this episode, Ari, Abe, and Darnyelle discuss:

  • Combining online courses, content coaching, and consulting
  • Selling courses individually and including them in coaching and consulting programs
  • The importance of customization and support for courses to ensure successful completion
  • Using courses as a stepping stone to higher-level programs
  • Creating beta courses for validation and feedback
  • Incorporating AI for efficiency while maintaining personal touch and expertise
  • Customizing content and method to suit different industries and business models
“Whatever the problem is that you’ve decided you want to solve, as you think about creating a course, create a course from every angle to solve it.”

– Darnyelle Harmon

Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is the award-winning, iconic, and incomparable Inc. 5000 CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, a multi-million-dollar coaching and consulting brand. Best known for transforming the lives of her business coaching clients and live event attendees, Darnyelle equips her clients to leverage and scale businesses that serve them financially and spiritually. In fact, over the last 10 years, she has helped her clients generate more than a half-billion dollars in sales and more than $365 million in revenue.

By teaching her award-winning Move to Millions® Method, Darnyelle takes business owners from six-figure years to six-figure quarters, six-figure months, six-figure weeks, and ultimately six-figure days in record time — all while deepening their connection to God and strengthening their faith. Darnyelle is a seven-time best-selling author, the creator of five powerful business systems, and the host of the MOVE To Millions Podcast. Now, she is introducing the world to the book she was born to write, Move to Millions®.

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