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Technophobia (Anke Herrmann)

  • Episode #39

Coach and online technology mentor Anke Herrmann reveals how to simplify your approach to technology so you can fearlessly use it to make running your business easier (even if you’re tech-phobic!).

Anke Herrmann, author of Taming the Tech Monster, is an online technology mentor who helps business owners make their business run smoother by simplifying their technology.

Hosts Linda Claire Puig and Ari Iny explore with Anke how to simplify your approach to technology so you can fearlessly use it to make running your business easier (even if you’re tech-phobic!). 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to simplify your approach to technology to make running your business easier (especially great if you’re tech-phobic!)
  • Why when Anke helps entrepreneurs overcome their tech-phobia, she does NOT start with technology (if your offer requires tech to create or deliver, you MUST start here!)
  • How even the most tech-fearful person can actually fall in love with tinkering with software and figuring things out on their own (hint: it involves starting with the tiniest baby steps)
  • And much more!
“When you have an idea for an offer, your first job isn’t systems. Your first job is to make a sale.”

Anke Herrmann

Anke Herrmann is a multi-passionate linguist, teacher, dressmaker, software developer and coach, with the heart of a creator and the mind of an engineer. She’s the author of Taming the Tech Monster and hosts the Passion Business Podcast. When she’s not helping mission-driven coaches deliver impactful programs online without tech headaches, you can find her out and about with her dogs.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
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Anke’s website
Anke’s free gift

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