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Team’s Pick 2022 (Perry Marshall)

  • Episode #82

Co-producer Geoff Govertsen chose this episode to rerun during the holiday break. Business strategist Perry Marshall warns against squandering time and encourages listeners to be in harmony with their natural inclinations.

Welcome to Making It! This weekly show explores the lives and stories of entrepreneurs as they share their unique perspectives on their success and the path to making it. 

Perry Marshall is a consultant, speaker and author. His business and marketing strategies are known worldwide.

“At the first job I had, I was almost always in the wrong place at the wrong time selling the wrong thing to the wrong person. And I didn’t really know how to fix that.”

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall is one of the most expensive business strategists in the world. He is endorsed in FORBES and INC Magazine and has worked with clients such as FanDuel, InfusionSoft, and LoanBuilder. He founded the $10 million Evolution 2.0 Prize, with judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT. Launched at the Royal Society in London, it’s the world’s largest science research award. He is co-founder of the AACR’s Cancer & Evolution Working Group.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs uses his 80/20 Curve as a productivity tool. His reinvention of the Pareto Principle is published in 
Harvard Business Review. His Google book laid the foundations for the $100 billion Pay Per Click industry, and Ultimate Guide to Google Ads is the world’s best selling book on internet advertising.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
Perry’s website
Perry’s  Twitter

Guest – Perry Marshall
Co-Producers – Danny Bermant & Geoff Govertsen
Supervising Producer – Cynthia Lamb
Executive producer – Danny Iny
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