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Tapping Into Your Strengths (Margaret Lynch Raniere)

  • Episode #59

For over 2 decades Margaret has trained thousands of women to start and improve their own practices. She shares valuable insight about how tapping into your strengths can help you overcome your struggles and guide your students through their own.

Through her company, margaretlynchraniere.comMargaret Lynch Raniere trains and certifies thousands of women as coaches and therapists using her highly effective Breakthrough Coaching approaches. 

In this episode, Danny and Abe talk with Margaret about how she uses energy work to help her students launch and improve their practices. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ways to introduce your practice to potential students, especially when you operate in an unconventional niche
  • Why setting realistic expectations for your students is important to their success in your program
  • The need to create a safe space for students to be honest and vulnerable in order to grow
  • How to avoid viewing your students’ struggles as a failure on your part as a coach
  • How scripting can help your students better market themselves and their offers
  • Tips for creating customer/client avatars
  • The importance of understanding who your audience is and creating a course for them
  • Danny and Abe’s debrief
“My favorite thing is teaching and mentoring people to get the same results so that they have clients who are saying to them, ‘You’re amazing, this is genius. I can’t believe how different I feel.’ And so that’s really my dream.”

Margaret Lynch Raniere

Margaret M. Lynch Raniere is the CEO of her own company ( that trains and certifies thousands of women as coaches and therapists in her highly effective Breakthrough Coaching approaches.  She is also a speaker, event presenter,  best-selling author of Tapping Into Wealth published in 2013 by Penguin/Tarcher and Unblocked published by Hay House in 2021.   

Her Motivation Super Skills program teaches anyone how to start using Tapping to help others with 5 complete sessions while her flagship Super Coach Program and Chakra Intuitive Mastery Certification provide women the deep skills and best strategies to truly thrive and change lives as a professional coach.

Unlike many well-known personal development authors and speakers, Margaret’s foundation is in engineering and 18 years at Fortune 500 companies. Since leaving corporate America to live her passion helping others, she has gained wide recognition for her 15 years of cutting-edge work integrating clinically proven energy psychology techniques like Tapping and Chakras.   

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
Margaret’s website
Margarets LinkedIn
Margaret’s latest book – Unblocked

Guest: Margaret Lynch Raniere
Hosts: Danny Iny & Abe Crystal 
Producer: Cynthia Lamb 
Executive producer: Danny Iny
Assembled by: Geoff Govertsen
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