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Supporting Large Cohorts Creatively (Heather E. Wilson)

  • Episode #65

As Mirasee’s Director of Education, Heather E. Wilson oversees programs that can total 900+ students at once. She provides key takeaways for maintaining and engaging large cohorts, while ensuring it all stays fun for students and course creators alike.

Heather E. Wilson has been an instructional designer, course creator, and business coach for two decades. Currently, she employs her expertise to run Mirasee’s flagship program, Hybrid Course University. HCU is aimed specifically at coaches, consultants, speakers, and others who want to offer a transformative course that goes well beyond simple instructional delivery.

Through the tactics and techniques Heather discusses in this episode, she is able to manage upwards of 900 students from all over the world. As part of that, she has fine-tuned HCU’s processes and incorporated unique innovations to prioritize the student experience.

In this episode Danny, Abe, and Heather talk about:

  • Innovations in large-scale online course design
  • Managing scale and complexity for quality control
  • Strategies for increasing student engagement
  • Making coaching and support fun
  • Integrating best practices into course creation

After the discussion, stay tuned for Danny and Abe’s debrief, containing their key takeaways.

“How could we turn this into an exciting challenge that we can all laugh about, instead of something that you’re dreading or feel like you have to push yourself through?”

Heather E. Wilson

Heather E. Wilson helps coaches worldwide build and scale their businesses so they can do their magic and change the world. As Director of Education at Mirasee, Heather develops course curricula, and trains and supports the coaching team to ensure an amazing student experience.

A business coaching expert and speaker with 20+ years’ experience in instructional design and online course innovation, Heather is the author of Your Life According to You and host of the podcast GINSPIRED. She also started and ran a highly-popular Canadian coaching community for many years, which has evolved into the present-day Confident Coach Community.

Warrior, change-maker, risk-taker, and adventurer all rolled into one, Heather lives on the east coast province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. She’s the mother of two boys, loves traveling and listening to Bon Jovi, adores a great gin cocktail… and will try just about anything once.

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Heather’s podcast

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