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Speaking (Suzanne Evans)

  • Episode #12

Suzanne Evans, founder of Driven Inc., talks about what she calls the fastest path to cash and the foundational success of almost all growth strategies: speaking. Whether on live stages, virtual platforms or social platforms, speaking is essential.

Suzanne Evans, founder of Driven Inc. and a New York Times best-selling author, helps small business owners get more clients and make more money through speaking on every platform.  

Hosts Linda Claire Puig and Ari Iny explore with Suzanne how the fastest path to cash—and the foundational success of almost all growth strategies—runs right through speaking.  

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How anyone can go from zero experience speaking on stage to selling out coaching programs and courses with one speech
  • How Suzanne grew her coaching business to 6-figures in one year…while still holding down a full-time job
  • The #1 biggest problem entrepreneurs face in their marketing—and how getting on stages and virtual platforms will fix it fast
  • And much more!
“A funnel never sold anyone. A person inside of that funnel who inspired people, connected with people—that’s what moves people.”

Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans, owner and founder of Driven Inc., is the “tell-it-like-is,” no-fluff boss of business building. She provides support, consulting and business development skills to more than 30,000 clients enrolled in her business-building programs. Suzanne started Driven Inc. from a spare room in a crowded apartment and in just a few years grew the company to serve thousands of clients. Having gone from a secretary to surpassing the seven-figure mark herself, she has supported her private clients to grow multi-million-dollar businesses. 

Driven Inc. has made the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing small businesses five years in a row and has led beginners and established entrepreneurs alike to create their own flourishing success stories. Nothing makes Suzanne happier, more excited or more fulfilled than supporting entrepreneurs in building a business that creates the money and influence to have a massive impact on their lives, their communities and the world. She lives with her family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
6-Figure Newsletters
Suzanne’s website
Suzanne’s free gift

Guest: Suzanne Evans
Hosts: Linda Claire Puig & Ari Iny
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