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ShouldaWouldaCoulda – How to Motivate Your Coaching Clients to Take Action (Micène Fontaine)

  • Episode #2

In this episode of Just Between Coaches, senior coach and host Melinda Cohan invites her coaching colleague, Micène Fontaine, an entrepreneur at, and a former ACES coach at Mirasee, to address this common coaching challenge. During this session, they’ll discuss how coaches can help their clients tackle the very common habit of should-ing.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why do we “should” all over ourselves?
  • Whose story are you telling when you “should” yourself? 
  • How does it help to take the BMW (bitch, whine, moan) around the block?
  • Does the habit of should-ing differ depending on demographics?

“It’s a very cathartic way of letting go of those stories that are not ours.”

Micène Fontaine

Just Between Coaches

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