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Reconstructing Beliefs (Justin Tang)

  • Episode #3

Transformational coach Justin Tang describes his own path to spiritual healing and his mission to help others find the same. A self-described ex-vangelical, Justin talks with Katy about religious programing, tackling subconscious beliefs and becoming a spiritual entrepreneur.

Welcome to Soul Savvy Business. This podcast aims to help entrepreneurs find balance and harmony at the intersection of business and spirituality.

Host Katy Valentine is a soul-minded spiritual entrepreneur. She empowers other entrepreneurs to thrive, creating a global ripple effect. Grab your free meditation at

Justin Tang is a certified therapist and transformational life coach. He focuses on helping clients with personal development and setting themselves free from limiting beliefs.

“If we judge them as bad, which the church does, you know, anger is bad, pride is bad, lust is bad. Just suppress those, and all of that just gets stored up in our bodies, and we’re walking around just suffering.”

Justin Tang

Justin is an ex-vangelical, hypnotist, and pointer to the Christ within, who is passionate about inner work, change work, and psycho-spiritual healing. After realizing that the church and religion didn’t have the answers to his deep pain and sense of inadequacy, Justin began to search outside of the church and deconstruct his deeply held core beliefs. It was in this process that Justin stumbled upon a variety of modalities and principles that not only facilitated healing and trance-formation in himself but also facilitated deep trance-formation in others. 

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Guest – Justin Tang
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Soul Savvy Business

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