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Of Mind and Faith (Katy Valentine)

  • Episode #6

With an eclectic background and education in spirituality and religion, Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine offers an extraordinary viewpoint on the intersection of mind and faith as she explores spiritual and religious trauma, consciousness, and social justice.

Welcome to Consciousness Explored. This show dives deep into topics like the relationship between the brain and consciousness, ways to expand our consciousness, and the impact that our understanding of consciousness has on our daily lives.

Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine is a visionary spiritual strategist and the founder of Soul Forge Coaching.

“Hundreds of years ago, no one had a choice about their religion…. But now we have this opportunity to be no religion, to be spiritual. And I think that’s really good for human consciousness.”

— Katy Valentine

Katy E. Valentine is a visionary spiritual strategist who guides individuals towards their highest spiritual potential.

With an unwavering commitment to helping entrepreneurs and leaders deepen their impact through their spirituality, Katy founded Soul Forge Coaching. Her mission is clear: to empower individuals to embrace their spiritual essence, unlocking a path of profound purpose and impact.

Katy has a PhD in the New Testament (so she can answer all your questions about the ancient world) as well as extensive ministerial training. She believes there is no one way to be spiritual and enjoys facilitating space for people to become “Christo expansive.” If you are someone who is ready to tap into the unseen spiritual world, you’re in the right hands. She believes that we can all become Christo expansive, transcending limitations and expanding our hearts and minds to create lasting change in the world.

With Katy’s guidance, clients embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering their life’s purpose, healing their souls, and aligning their professional endeavors with their deepest spiritual values. Her unique approach, rooted in ancient wisdom and modern strategy, allows individuals to rise above challenges and forge a path of authentic, soulful success.

Meet Melissa Deal, the passionate host of Consciousness Explored. Melissa’s journey has been one of perpetual learning and teaching, fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a deep-seated love for personal development.

From a young age, Melissa found solace and inspiration in books, sparking a lifelong affair with the written word. Growing up in a cult from the age of seven, she navigated challenges with resilience, finding refuge in the world of literature and knowledge.

Throughout her diverse professional endeavors — ranging from drilling fluids lab tech to dance teacher, business owner, group fitness instructor, copywriter, podcast writer, and production manager — Melissa’s core desire to create, write, and teach remained unwavering.

Consciousness Explored serves as her platform to delve into the realms of neuroscience, spirituality, and emotional intelligence. Through her podcast, Melissa aims to empower others on their journey of growth and self-discovery, drawing from her rich tapestry of experiences and her unwavering commitment to helping others reach their full potential. Join Melissa on a transformative exploration of consciousness, where every episode is a step closer to unlocking the boundless potential within us all.

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Consciousness Explored

It seems that if we want to understand consciousness, we must explore it. If you are a seeker, interested in personal and spiritual growth, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, host Melissa Deal and her guests share their personal awakenings of consciousness and key expertise on the subject. And from these explorations we gain a deeper understanding of the human experience and unexpected insights into the human mind.