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Moving From Self to True Connection (Sorina)

  • Episode #19

Esco and his partner, Sorina, talk about what it means to share life with another person. As each examines how they connected, we learn very different ways they had to transform their sense of self in order to connect as life and work partners.

Welcome to The Self-Awakened Lifestyle. This podcast aims to help listeners find ways to improve their personal and professional lives, using scientific principles and holistic practices.

“I thought I was doing everybody a favor by making it shorter. In fact, what they wanted was longer so they could have more chats.”

Mel Stanley

Esco Wilson is a lifestyle designer and the founder of The Self-Awakened Lifestyle. He helps entrepreneurs & visionary professionals develop intuitive thinking & emotional Intelligence for enhanced decision-making capabilities. Esco believes the key to high achievement is reprogramming our instinctual triggered mechanisms. The goal is to align our default reactions with essential core behaviors during life-altering moments, whether these moments are subtle or existential. He has a passion for teaching others how to build the life they want.

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Esco’s website

Producer: Cynthia Lamb
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The Self-Awakened Lifestyle

Do you sometimes feel that you have more potential than you’re leveraging personally or professionally? Then you’ve come to the right podcast! Esco Wilson is a lifestyle designer and performance coach with an unconventional past. In each episode, Esco coaches a guest through a difficult issue and shares examples from his own past, inspiring guests and listeners to the power of their own innate potential.