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Mastering Mindset (Lisa Carmichael)

  • Episode #7

Lisa Carmichael discusses all things mindset. After ditching the rat race, Lisa began helping other mompreneurs gain confidence and realize their worth. She talks about the value of building strong relationships and baby-stepping her way to success.

Welcome to Soul Savvy Business. This podcast aims to help entrepreneurs find balance and harmony at the intersection of business and spirituality.

Host Katy Valentine is a soul-minded spiritual entrepreneur. She empowers other entrepreneurs to thrive, creating a global ripple effect. Grab your free meditation at

Lisa Carmichael is an author, marketing professional and the founder of EPIK Mastermind. She helps entrepreneurs develop strong relationships for lasting legacies. 

“I was the one that held myself back. There was a theme in every business that I tried, and it was me, and it was mindset. Because I was the one that was always thinking I could never be successful.”

Lisa Carmichael

Lisa Carmichael is a published author, entrepreneur, and marketing professional who lives in Minnesota. She is the owner and creator of EPIK Mastermind. Her business has a focus on helping entrepreneurs develop strong relationships. Her clients are business owners who want to stand out from their competitors and manage their reputations and legacies. 

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Soul Savvy Business

How can we pursue both entrepreneurial success and spiritual authenticity? Reverend Dr. Katy Valentine explores that question and more in this spiritually diverse podcast aimed at engaging mindful and curious entrepreneurs. Katy and her guests dive into the intersection of business and spirituality, exploring ways that entrepreneurs of all faiths (including none) can elevate their awareness and find abundance.