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Keeping It One-on-One (Sam Mahmoody)

  • Episode #79

Engineer by day, tutor by night, Sam Mahmoody came to realize teaching was his passion. Although he embraced online tutoring early, he mostly never sought to scale to group classes — preferring to keep the core business as teaching students one on one.

Sam Mahmoody is the founder of Liberty Tutoring, which offers 1-on-1 online tutoring across Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

In this episode, Ari, Abe, and Sam discuss:

  • The types of courses and students Sam has
  • Liberty Tutoring’s hiring process and curricula
  • How Sam’s business grew and evolved
  • Logistical challenges and offering a quality experience
  • Defining the core of Sam’s business
“The spark was realizing my passion for teaching, and the joy that I was getting from helping my students. It was just… priceless.”

Sam Mahmoody

Sam Mahmoody is an engineer with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. He discovered his passion for teaching when, during his last semester of the undergraduate program, one of his professors asked him to be his Teaching Assistant and review the materials taught in class with students during tutorial sessions. That discovery led him to start his tutoring business in 2004 to help students tap into their undiscovered potential and ability for learning and lead them in the path to independence.

His company, Liberty Tutoring, currently offers 1-on-1 online tutoring across Quebec and Ontario. Following their success with younger students, they further expanded their services to teach French as a Second Language to adults and professionals. Their ultimate goal is to give students the confidence they need to achieve their goals and dreams. Whether it’s the business owner who needs to learn French so they can serve the French clientele or the grade-10 student who dreads math, Liberty Tutoring gives them the confidence they need to shatter the barriers standing in their way.

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