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Joy and Space (James Lam)

  • Episode #83

James Lam talks about stepping out of a mindset of hard work and sacrifice and into a mindset of freedom and authenticity. He brings the best version of himself into each new day by embracing mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth.

Welcome to Making It! This weekly show explores the lives and stories of entrepreneurs as they share their unique perspectives on their success and the path to making it. 

James Lam is the founder of LAM – Look Ahead Marketing. He helps heart-centered entrepreneurs discover their superpowers and then use those gifts to shape their businesses into change-making enterprises.

“They say practice makes perfect. There’s no such thing as perfect; practice makes improvement.”

James Lam

James Lam may look like a mild-mannered marketer but he’s really a creator of Entrepreneurial Superheroes, helping heart-centered entrepreneurs discover their superpowers and then use those gifts to shape their businesses into change-making enterprises.

After graduating top of the class from the University of Alberta with an MBA and an MEng, James became the Director of Marketing for the Cystic Fibrosis Society, starting his long love affair with the marketing world. He opened Learn Photography Company in 2012, teaching the joys of photography to hobbyists, growing it into a franchise across Canada with both in-person and on-line programs. To date, over 5,000 shutterbugs have graduated from one of Learn Photography’s twelve courses.

In 2019, James’ love of marketing saw him open LAM – Look Ahead Marketing, proudly using his last name as an acronym, empowering what had once been a source of ridicule from other children whilst growing up. This same spirit of owning your power is what guides LAM’s offerings, including Superpowered Business Success, his signature program that takes freshman entrepreneurs from zero to hero sales in only twelve weeks.

When James isn’t busy helping turn business folks into business superheroes, he can be found zipping around Calgary, Alberta on his motorcycle, sweating it out as a part-time fitness instructor or enjoying family life with his two children and wife, Jana, his best souvenir ever from his time living abroad Down Under.

James’ aspiration is to support thousands of entrepreneurs and have his message become a household one.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
James’ website
James’  LinkedIn

Guest – James Lam
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