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How To Streamline Your Course For Optimized Learning (Rebecca Cuevas)

  • Episode #6

Episode summary: How do you create an exciting and dynamic online course that provides a laser-focused and streamlined online learning experience for your students? Rebecca Cuevas is the expert who will help you set up your course so that students can actually learn from it. And even better, she’ll show you a method for designing your course that’s fast, easy, and fun!

In this episode, our hosts Danny Iny and Abe Crystal will take a closer look at Rebecca’s course “Streamline Your Course Creation,” which helps online course creators design transformative learning experiences. Rebecca is the recipient of multiple Federal scholarships for international study and brings a creative, multi-cultural perspective to her work. While pursuing her goal to light up the planet, one mind at a time, Rebecca perfected a method that makes course design simple, even for first-time course creators – and today she’s sharing all her top strategies with our listeners. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How tripping over digital whiteboards gave Rebecca the idea of taking her face-to-face training to the online world.
  • Although she has diversified offerings, Rebecca’s wish for scalability led to the creation of a very guided practice-focused course — an evergreen course. 
  • How digital flipbooks eliminate navigation challenges while keeping interactivity and engagement with the students.
  • Why do minimizing downloads help students to use the note-taking method of their preferred choice and enhance the learning experience?
  • Danny’s and Abe’s debrief after the interview

“The difference between a course and some other kind of digital product is that in order for it to work, people have to actually learn from it.”

Rebecca Cuevas

Guest Bio: Rebecca Cuevas is the CEO and founder of Learn and Get Smarter where she teaches busy creative experts and entrepreneurs how to create online courses. She’s been an educator her whole career and holds a BA in English from Harvard University, as well as two Masters Degrees in Education.

For fifteen years, Rebecca designed and delivered award-winning education programs for public utilities in Southern California, impacting over 150,000 students with hands-on learning experiences relating to water and energy conservation. A recipient of multiple Federal scholarships for international study, she brings a creative, multi-cultural perspective to her work in educational consulting, instructional design, and curriculum development.

Her new course, Streamlined Course Creation, will help you outline YOUR course and plan all your lessons, in as little as a weekend, using learning design best practices.

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  • Guest – Rebecca Cuevas
  • Hosts – Danny Iny & Abe Crystal 
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