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From Engagement to Enrollment (Monica Badiu)

  • Episode #95

Email marketing is a narrative tool, says Monica Badiu, not just a sales tactic. She emphasizes creating engaging, truthful content that speaks directly to people’s needs—helping them see the potential in themselves and the solutions you offer.

Monica emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent email frequency, tailored to your audience’s needs and interests, to keep your brand top-of-mind. She advocates for value-driven content that resonates with the current needs of your subscribers, steering clear of fluff and focusing on genuine solutions. Whether you’re struggling with your marketing strategy or looking to refine your approach, Monica’s tips on non-aggressive promotions and ethical marketing are bound to provide clarity and direction.

In this episode, Ari, Abe, and Monica discuss: 

  • Email marketing frequency and content relevancy for building brand authority and trust 
  • The necessity of at least one engaging email per week to maintain brand recognition 
  • Consistent, valuable email communication for client engagement and trust 
  • Context and relevancy in creating non-fluff email content that provides real solutions 
  • The detrimental effects of infrequent and purely promotional emails on brand awareness and trust 
  • Email marketing as a core responsibility for course creators to foster robust relationships and provide substantial value 
  • Proactive use of social media to enhance visibility, promote lead magnets, and grow email lists 
  • The right channels for reaching ideal clients and the significance of valuable content creation 
  • Clear calls to action in emails and occasional course promotions 
  • Segmenting for better deliverability and open rates, tracking engagement metrics, and periodically cleaning your email list of inactive subscribers 
  • Authenticity in email marketing, using it more as a communication channel than just a sales tool 
“It just helped enormously by moving online in terms of the efficiency and the effectiveness of everything I did. And I was able to maximize the amount of people I could work with.”

Michael Sheridan

Monica Badiu is a Conversion Copywriter & Copy Coach who specializes in helping course creators increase revenue through customer-centric copywriting. With more than 25,000 hours of hands-on marketing experience over 13 years, the biggest course creators in the world hire her to optimize their email marketing efforts. She has a passion for writing engaging and compelling emails and funnel pages that prioritize value over pressure, which results in driving conversions and building long-lasting relationships with audiences. Simple, but no-bullshit and non-spammy copy that sells.

Along with being a conversion copywriter, Monica is also a mother, a former marketing consultant, a multipreneur, and a crafter. She writes about consumer behavior, copywriting tactics, email marketing, and conversion strategies on her blog, which is filled with valuable information for her readers.

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