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Fostering Connection (Jan Keck)

  • Episode #83

As a recovered “shy guy,” Jan Keck knows how hard connection can be for course students, especially online. In this conversation, he shares numerous tips for fostering connection among students, creating engaging events, and leading live experiences.

Jan Keck runs public events and online experiences that build trust, empower people to share vulnerable stories, and turn strangers into friends.

In this episode, Ari, Abe, and Jan discuss:

  • Creating a feeling of community within a group of attendees or students
  • Supporting frontline facilitators and trainers
  • A best practice for the very first minutes of an event, meeting, or gathering
  • The importance of breakout groups or rooms
  • Planning your first class, workshop, or course
  • Using “ice melters” instead of “ice breakers”
  • Navigating control of the live learning experience
  • A bonus tip for making the best of live-class recordings
“If I’m the only one talking, I’m taking something away from what the group could learn.”

– Jan Keck

Jan Keck runs public events and online experiences that build trust, empower people to share vulnerable stories, and turn strangers into friends. Jan’s mission is to help people feel less alone — by creating experiences, workshops, and programs, he is fueling the movement for deeper human connection. His “Connection Cards” have been used on every continent around the globe and helped turn more than 70,000 shallow conversations into deep connections.

In the past few years, he has run more than 30 workshops and trainings with more than 700 trainers, facilitators, educators, and team leaders. They learn the skills to create engaging, purposeful, inclusive, and connecting experiences on Zoom. Recently, he relocated from Canada to Germany to be closer to family and is continuing to build a community of trainers, facilitators, and creators that create “Magical Human Moments” online. His work has been featured on TEDx, CBC News, Breakfast TV, Cityline, and HuffPost.

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