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Feeder Courses – What are they and how do they help your coaching business? (Mary Williams)

  • Episode #6

In this episode, our host Melinda Cohan engages in an in-depth and lively discussion with Mary Williams about feeder courses and how to use them to grow your coaching business. Mary is a Chief Technology therapist who runs her own coaching and education business Sensible Wooand is also a coach for course creators at Mirasee. Mary and Melinda are both very excited about the prospect of using feeder courses to grow your coaching business and in this session, they’ll explain exactly how it’s done.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What are feeder courses?
  • The pricing of feeder courses. Freebies or paid?
  • The problem-solution problem-solution model. 
  • What is the best format for feeder courses? 

“Feeder courses are a really special little corner of our universe and it can be used really, really powerfully.”

Mary Williams

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