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Coach or Consultant: What’s the Difference? (Danny Iny)

  • Episode #11

In this illuminating episode, Danny Iny, CEO of Mirasee, and Melinda discuss the dogma around directive vs. non-directive coaching and why he believes it isn’t either-or. He elaborates on how the hybrid version of the coach and consultant can be the best solution for your clients. And also explores the best practices for helping your client determine exactly what they need.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The similarities and differences between a coach and a consultant. 
  • Whether the coach/consultant or the client has the authority in the relationship. 
  • When having a coach or consultant is most beneficial. And what Danny means when he says that a hybrid of these is often the best solution.
  • Directive versus non-directive coaching.
  • If strategy belongs in the coaching conversation. 
  • The best practices for working with your client to determine exactly what they need.

“I’m not saying that you want to be directive all the time, but I think in the coaching world, there’s a bit of a dogma around non-directive coaching and never giving advice that I think just doesn’t really hold water.”

“As much as mindset plays a huge role in your ability to get things done, I find that the umbrella of mindset is often a crutch for people to create excuses about why they’re not getting things done.”

Danny Iny

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