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Co-Creating Breakthroughs (Adam Quiney)

  • Episode #116

Executive leadership coach Adam Quiney is a master of guiding transformational change. He shares with us his key insights for facilitating breakthroughs, allowing discomfort for growth, and creating tangible results in a co-creative process.

Adam Quiney is an executive leadership coach specializing in working with the “Smartest People in the Room.”

In this episode, Melinda and Adam explore the secrets behind breakthroughs and the difference between transformational and transactional results. They discuss the importance of meeting clients where they are and testing and navigating the limits of their worldviews. Melinda and Adam also delve into the process of breakthroughs and the challenges that arise along the way. The conversation highlights the significance of trusting intuition and making room for spirit in the coaching process — and we learn practical strategies to facilitate breakthroughs and create tangible results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transformational results require a fundamental shift in the way we show up in our lives, while transactional results are surface-level changes that don’t require a fundamental shift.
  • Coaches should meet clients where they are and explore the limits of their worldviews to support them in creating breakthroughs.
  • Breakthroughs often involve a process of discomfort and uncertainty, and coaches should hold space for clients to be in their own process.
  • Creating tangible results and setting measurable goals can support clients in staying on the path of breakthroughs.
  • Coaches should make room for spirit and trust the process of co-creation in facilitating breakthroughs.


00:00 The Secrets Behind Breakthroughs
01:46 Adam Quiney’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation
02:45 Transformational Results vs Transactional Results
04:14 Creating Transformational Results
05:12 The Difference Between Surface Level Changes and Transformation
06:34 Meeting Clients Where They Start
08:02 Exploring the Limits of Clients’ Worldviews
09:23 The Process of Breakthroughs
10:49 Navigating the Challenges of Breakthroughs
13:14 The Structure and Magic of Breakthroughs
16:29 Trusting Intuition and Being in the Process
18:18 Creating Tangible Results
20:43 Making Room for Spirit in Breakthroughs
22:34 The Journey of Trusting Spirit
28:22 Approaches to Facilitate Breakthroughs

Key Quote:

“To create the transformational result where I worked half as many hours and made twice as much money, that was going to require a breakthrough, a fundamental change in the way I showed up in my life.”

— Adam Quiney

Adam Quiney is an executive leadership coach specializing in working with the “Smartest People in the Room.” A former software developer and attorney, Adam’s learned the hard way about the costs that come from keeping your heart safe and chasing after external rewards to feel whole and complete.

From a place of love, Adam is connection, passion, presence, wit, and brilliance. From a place of fear, he is awkward, robotic, apathetic, irrelevant, and arrogant. He’s learned to embrace all these parts of himself and works with others to do the same in their own lives. Living with his beautiful wife and their dog in Victoria, British Columbia, he is a man on a mission to bring the world to a more inspired and fully-expressed place.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
Coaches Console
Melinda’s book: The Confident Coach
Adam’s website:
Adam’s podcast: The Transformational Leader
Adam’s YouTube channel: @AdamQuiney

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