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Automate to Elevate Your Coaching (Meredith Eisenberg)

  • Episode #129

Melinda and guest Meredith Eisenberg dig into a crucial topic for any coach looking to optimize their practice: automation. In this episode, they discuss how automating essential tasks can streamline operations, deepen client relationships, and prevent errors.

Meredith Eisenberg is the Head of Coaching and Customer Success at Connect 365.

In this episode Melinda and Meredith talk about: 

  • The importance of automation in coaching practices 
  • Identifying and automating problematic and inconsistent tasks 
  • Automation’s impact on attitudes and accuracy 
  • Indicators for automation, including repetitive task frustration and mistakes 
  • Conveying the right tone through automated communication to maintain professionalism and trust 
  • Email automation best practices, including setting up separate test emails and ensuring tech functionality 
  • Measuring the effectiveness of automation by tracking lead generation, onboarding, retention rates, and time saved 
  • Overcoming fears and mistakes in automation while emphasizing authenticity and transparency 
  • Initial steps for coaches, focusing on onboarding and lead generation 
  • Advanced automation techniques, such as check-ins, post-call summaries, and personalized automated messages 
“By automating a constant stream of outreach to people who would be good referral partners, who would be good clients, you’re saving yourself from that up and down and up and down, because you have a pipeline of people ready to come in.”

— Meredith Eisenberg

Meredith Eisenberg teaches entrepreneurs how to get off the cash-flow roller coaster by creating a high-tech and high-touch sales system that allows her clients to focus on their zone of genius. Over the past 20 years, she has helped many business owners to scale their business to six figures and beyond, and she is currently the Head of Coaching and Customer Success at Connect 365.

Meredith lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her husband Jamie and three dogs. Her daughter is currently studying astrophysics in college. During her free time, Meredith likes to hike, dance, and make the world a better place through her involvement in Rotary.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
Coaches Console
Melinda’s book: The Confident Coach
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Connect 365

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Episode transcript: Automate to Elevate Your Coaching (Meredith Eisenberg).


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