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All the Necessary Elements for Transformation (Melinda Cohan)

  • Episode #10

Episode summary: All the Necessary Elements for Transformation (Melinda Cohan) Most coaches don’t like running a business, so Melinda Cohan, co-founder of Coaches Console, created a technology platform to help coaches do so, combining it with unparalleled coaching and training, so new and new-ish coaches can leverage their time and effort easily.

In the wildly successful 12-week online course, The Coaching Business System, Melinda helps entrepreneurs avoid overwhelm through carefully mapped out milestones, experiences and action items. The course is a mixture of content and interaction with coaches and the community of fellow students. Plus it comes with a rare guarantee policy that promises results.

In this episode of Course Lab, Danny and Abe discuss Melinda’s course, her very long track record of expertise before she came to the world of online courses, how she leverages synergistic skills, and why you might want to hire from your own community. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Melinda  changed her business model from one-on-one to one-to-many.
  • The seven success systems every business needs to have in place, and what made her decide on such a broad scope in her course.
  • The biggest areas where students get stuck. 
  • Where the coaching part of the course is really impactful.
  • How the unique guarantee policy promises results. 
  • Danny and Abe’s debrief after the interview.

“It doesn’t matter how much content you give somebody at home, it matters how much they consume, and how much they implement.” 

“Isolation is the number one enemy to success.”

Melinda Cohan

Guest bio: Melinda Cohan is CEO of The Coaches Console, a seven-figure software, training, and coaching company that has helped more than fifty thousand coaches create profitable and thriving businesses. She is a systems expert helping coaches get over the tedious task of running their businesses so they can focus on what they love – the actual coaching of amazing clients.

Fifty-six percent of coaches fail. Why? They don’t know how to efficiently run a profitable business. Without iron-clad systems, they’re hard-pressed to leverage their time, serve more clients, and grow their businesses and profits.

The Coaches Console is one cohesive platform. Melinda and her team blend coaching with training to help you create a clear and realistic path to sustainable results. Her desire is to expand The Coaches Console tool into other professions.

She’s also the author of the new book, The Confident Coach, where shares her insider’s view of the coaching industry.

The Coaching Business System is a 12-week, evergreen course with a mixture of content and interaction:

  • The course comes with a stack of freebies.
  • The course starts students at ground zero and takes them through the groundwork of setting up their business systems.
  • Each module is large. Some of the topics covered include “Branding,” “Support & Referring,” and “Leveraging your Content, Time, and Money.”
  • The course comes with a 6-month membership to The Coaches Console.

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  • Guest – Melinda Cohan
  • Hosts – Danny Iny & Abe Crystal 
  • Producer – Cynthia Lamb 
  • Executive Producer – Danny Iny
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