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How to Fire a Client (Robbie Samuels)

  • Episode #9

In this episode, Melinda goes deep into the sensitive and hard subject of firing clients with Robbie Samuels, a well-known Business Growth Strategist and coach. They discuss some valid reasons for firing a client and why coaches should let go of a third of their clients.

You’ll learn all the warning signs that a coaching relationship just isn’t working, what to do in this situation, and how a well-designed enrollment process can help you weed out potential clients who aren’t a good fit for your coaching business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Should you fire a third of your clients, as a rule of thumb? 
  • Why a six-month contract is helpful when you want to let go of a client.
  • How do you actually go through firing clients?
  • How Nonviolent Communication, NVC, and its four parts can be helpful when having a difficult conversation.
  • How you can continue to be of service even though your client isn’t your client anymore.
  • The importance of proper enrollment.

Paying for a coach does not improve your business or your life. It’s about doing the work.”

Robbie Samuels

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