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John Corcoran on Networking with Intention

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Networking can make or break you in business. So how to you go about networking and do it in a way that honors your relationships while bolstering your bottom line?

John Corcoran understands the value of networking. Along the winding path of his adult life, he’s been in tight situations where he lost one job but was able to step right into another because of who he knows.

Today John talks with Danny about the networking skills he teaches to other entrepreneurs through Smart Business Revolution.

Download the transcript here.

At 2:00 – How John got Rob Lowe to play him on TV’s the West Wing, and the time he got terminated by the Terminator.

At 5:00 – John talks about whether or not you need to ‘prune’ your list of people, and how to make those decisions.

At 7:00 – Ever wonder how you can be strategic about your relationships without being as conniving as ‘Mr. Burns?’ John explains how to be genuine while being strategic.

At 13:00 – If you think that you have to spend your entire day networking, that’s just not true. John talks about how to be efficient in managing your relationships within your network.

At 20:00 – John shares the single biggest objection that people have with networking, and how to overcome that perceived obstacle to truly great networking.