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Mitch Joel on the Timing of Online Opportunity

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Mitch Joel is one of the leading voices in digital media. He is the host of the Six Pixels of Separation podcast, author of 2 bestselling books and co-founder of Twist Image, the leading Canadian marketing agency that was acquired last year by the largest agency conglomerate in the world to form a global agency called Mirum, where Mitch serves as president.

On today’s show, Mitch Joel and Danny Iny explore some of the most important existential questions that modern, online entrepreneurs have to struggle with and come to some inspiring and insightful conclusions.

Download the transcript here.

At 2:44 – Mitch talks through the life cycle of the market online, starting with the iconic ‘publishing button,’ and how it’s become something very different these days.

At 5:47 – While everyone agrees that the cream rises to the top, Mitch goes into why he thinks that now is still a fantastic time for indie publishers to make their mark.

At 12:46 – Mitch talks about what he thinks would happen if he were to have just now started his blog, and contrasts that with the wild success of others who are newer to the online realm.

At 18:46 – Danny and Mitch discuss Seth Godin’s book, ‘The Dip,’ what Billy Idol and Mitch Joel have in common, and how lunacy could easily factor in.

At 25:18 – Mitch talks about his take on the ‘exit strategy,’ and how it’s the opposite of what most people think.

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