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Michael Port Reimagines Performance and Influence

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Michael Port is a person of influence, and well known for his roles in movies and television, like Sex and the City, but did you know he also has a background in the business side of the fitness business.

Or that he can help you dispel your fear of public speaking?!?

Today, Danny talks with Michael about how all of life is a performance you can prepare for, from first dates to job interviews, and company pep talks to CEO speeches.

Download the transcript here.

  • At 6:00 – Michael makes the claim that marketing isn’t what gets you clients, and explains what actually DOES get you business.
  • At 9:00 – As an actor, Michael knows how important preparation for performances is, and he shares just how much you should prepare for your life’s performances.
  • At 14:00 – Do you go into a performance with the goal of being good, or even great? Then according to Michael, you’re doing it wrong. He explains what the actual goal should be.
  • At 18:00 – Michael takes Danny through the actual process of preparing for performances, using examples from Danny’s life.
  • At 26:00 – Michael talks about his ‘win scenario’ for his new book release, and what he hopes he can help people accomplish through his teaching.

About Audra Casino

Audra Casino is a broadcast professional with 20 years of experience in performance, showrunning, and audio production. She got her start at a tiny radio station in the middle of nowhere, then worked her way up to the fifth largest broadcast market in the US. From there, Audra made the lateral step into podcasting, with the determination to bring professional audio and performance skills to an increasingly competitive market. Her vision is to work with people who are passionate about storytelling and communication, and to help give them the edge they need to make great podcasts, engage with their fans, and support their passions.

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