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The Top 50+ Kajabi Integrations for 2022 (AWeber, Keap & More)

  • Mark UsenMark Usen

Kajabi is a powerhouse for online course creators. However, Kajabi integrations expand your access to resources to help you achieve your course creation goals. Kajabi integrations can enhance your marketing, customer relations management (CRM), workflows, course administration, and every other aspect of online course creation.

Even better, Kajabi makes it super simple to integrate third-party applications. It can be as simple as clicking a few places on your Kajabi dashboard. 

We’ve put together a massive list of the best Kajabi integrations to take your course creation to the next level. You’ll want to bookmark this to turn to it when you need to amp up any aspect of your online course creation. 

Let’s roll!

50 Kajabi Integrations for Your Online Course

1. Birdeye


Give your courses a great start by launching out on Birdeye. Birdeye is a one-stop marketing platform for listings, reviews, referrals, and analytics. 

2. Keap (Formerly Infusionsoft)


Increase efficiency in course campaigns with excellent organization. The Kajabi Infusionsoft (now Keap) plugin is a one-stop platform for managing leads and moving them through your sales funnel.

3. Raklet


Raklet is an all-inclusive Kajabi integration for building communities. You can run profitable memberships with tools for managing communications, tracking event participants, and collecting payments.

4. Dubb


Dubb offers a variety of video tools for maximizing audience engagement. You can create explanatory videos, sales videos, etc., and share them through multiple channels. 

5. Wufoo


Wufoo is a multipurpose event management platform. Create a variety of online forms in a snap, including surveys, invitations, etc., and run data through insightful analytics.

6. GetResponse


If you’ve run marketing campaigns with GetResponse before, you can easily use it for your Kajabi courses. GetResponse can maximize your marketing ROI with high-impact functionalities.

7. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is one of the most powerful email marketing tools today, thanks to a slew of features for sending highly-targeted messages.

8. ActiveCampaign


Ramp up automation in your marketing campaign with ActiveCampaign. The Customer Experience Automation Platform boasts over 500 pre-built automations and over 850+ integrations.

9. Mailchimp


Mailchimp lets you send targeted messages, gather data, and harness insights all from a central platform. You can segment audiences and automate messages with proven templates.

10. AWeber


Kajabi also supports Aweber, so you can maximize your course marketing with a massive library of email templates, landing pages, and drip campaign tools.

11. Replyify


Replyify provides a solid set of tools for drip campaigns and cold pitching. You can warm up prospects, book meetings, and win over more loyal students. 

12. Deadline Funnel


Another powerful drip campaign tool, Deadline Funnel provides a host of features for email sequencing and segmenting audiences. 



Inspire high levels of engagement and gather insightful data with’s CRM toolset. There’s support for drip campaigns across multiple channels, from email to SMS and webhooks.

14. Segment


Segment empowers you to mine deep insights from data by easing the use of data sets across multiple marketing and analytics tools. 

15. ProveSource


ProveSource can bring a dull course site to life with social proof. ProveSource’s social proof notifications can turn your course into a hot cake. 

16. Wheelio


Ramp up conversion rates with Wheelio’s gamified pop-ups. Wheelio entices visitors to drop their emails with rewarding games. 

17. Facebook Pixel


Creating retargeted Facebook ads for your course site visitors is as easy as implementing a simple line of code with Kajabi Facebook Pixel.

18. CloudNet360


Access a flurry of tools to turn prospects into loyal disciples with CloudNet360’s Kajabi CRM. There are features for targeted email, abandoned cart recovery, follow ups, and upselling, plus plenty of marketing integrations.

19. ClickFunnels


With ClickFunnel, you can build attractive and professional-looking pages for various layers of your sales funnel, even with zero coding or web design experience.

20. Evidence


According to the creators, you can boost conversion by 10% with just 10 minutes of using Evidence, thanks to features that display social proof and conversions on your site. 

21. Hubspot


Hubspot is one of the best CRM platforms for Kajabi course creators. With Hubspot, you can organize your courses, optimize your marketing, and maximize your students’ engagement levels. 

22. Twitter


Run Twitter marketing campaigns for your courses without leaving your Kajabi dashboard. Post actionable content, respond to comments, and build your following.

23. Gist


From live chats to chatbots, form creators, self-help resources, and marketing automation, Gist provides a comprehensive CRM suite for course creators. 

24. Gmail


Although private mail servers are a must-have for professionals these days, Gmail is still a handy mailing service for course creators. 

25. Facebook


Post engaging content, manage groups, and run ads for your courses on Facebook right from your Kajabi dashboard. Facebook Live is another excellent communication tool for course creators. 

26. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is another great place for course creators to communicate with students and prospects. Use the WhatsApp Business API for more messaging options.

27. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an excellent source of leads for course creators. Manage your LinkedIn communications, publish posts and comments, and build your following right from your Kajabi dashboard.

28. Viber


Viber is another great social media platform to consider as a course creator. There are a variety of options for staying in touch with your audience, including video and voice messages.

29. Zoom


Zoom is a must-have video call software for Kajabi course creators. Many of your students will prefer to use Zoom for their video meetings.

30. EverWebinar


As an alternative to Kajabi Zoom integrations, EverWebinar has features for various types of videos, from live videos to pre-recorded videos, screen sharing, and webinars.

31. Accredible


Host live sessions and share training documents easily with this Kajabi WordPress integration. Accredible also has tools for course compliance, certifications, and licensing. 

32. Integrity Advocate


Another solid learning management platform for course creators, Integrity Advocate stacks up biometrics, study assessment tools, and A.I analytics. 

33. ClickUp


Simplify your workflow and accomplish more with less effort with ClickUp’s project management features. ClickUp offers cloud-based tools for communication, task assignment, and data management. 

34. Asana


With Asana’s project management tools, you can easily create and assign tasks, track progress, and manage workflows. 

35. Google Drive


Google Drive gives you a whopping 15 GB of free storage. That’s enough space for most course creators to save their files online, from photos to videos, presentations, text docs, etc. 

36. Dropbox


Dropbox is a comprehensive cloud storage and file sharing platform where you can save and share anything from videos to slides, spreadsheets, photos, and audio recordings. 

37. Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a flexible, scalable collaboration tool that grows with your business. The features are suitable for student bases of all sizes.

38. Google Calendar


Schedule events, send invitations, set up notifications, and monitor attendants with Google Calendar. As a collaboration tool, Google Calendar makes it easy to share schedules and relevant event materials.

39. Dynamics CRM


Creating highly personalized experiences for your students and prospects is the major selling point of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM. You can manage customer databases, engage customers, and resolve requests quickly.

40. Webhooks


Kajabi course creators can leverage Webhooks to automate their workflow. Kajabi webhooks enable you to automate processes involving multiple apps. 

41. Slack


Slack is an all-inclusive community platform for engaging your audience, encouraging course completion, and sharing course materials. Slack groups often take on a life of their own, providing outside support for your students.

42. Google Analytics


Kajabi Google Analytics gleans data from various places on the web to provide penetrating insights for your course campaign. You can track and analyze a variety of activities on your home page, landing pages, course description pages, or those of your competitors.

43. Retently


An all-inclusive survey platform, Retently offers Net Promoter Score surveys and other insightful types of surveys. It allows you to conduct surveys across multiple channels. 

44. Metabase


Metabase lets you collect and analyze data on a central interface. Kajabi course creators can easily schedule and share reports, track progress, and respond to requests.

45. Shopify


Leverage Shopify’s robust e-commerce features to amp up your Kajabi course campaigns. Kajabi’s Shopify plugin allows you to capture leads, create product licenses, and collect payments. 

46. WooCommerce


If you’re already familiar with WooCommerce, you can use it as an alternative to Kajabi’s Shopify integration. WooCommerce supports WordPress, inventory management, product listings, and several third-party integrations.

47. PayPal


PayPal is the most preferred online payment platform today. Make sure you set up PayPal payments for your course so you don’t lose out on potential students who are accustomed to it.

48. Stripe


Stripe is also widely popular and many students use it for their online payments. Stripe supports many different pricing models, allowing you to collect subscriptions, one-time payments, or on-demand payments. 

49. CopeCart


Automate invoicing and billing with CopeCart Kajabi API. On top of this, you can also collect data and mine insights to reduce abandonment rate, boost conversion, and drive upsells. 

50. Zapier


This is, perhaps, the king of Kajabi integrations. Once you install Zapier, your Kajabi automatically becomes compatible with 3000+ integrations. 

51. Integrately


Even better, Integrately provides one-click access to an astounding collection of 8 million integrations, from marketing apps to CRM solutions, course administration tools, and payment processors. 

Boost Your Course Creation with Kajabi Integrations

There you have it. These Kajabi integrations will help you launch out with all guns blazing. They provide practical, time-tested solutions for every aspect of course creation. 

Plus, integrating these apps takes just a click or two on your Kajabi dashboard. 

So, go ahead, note down the apps that you need to plug-use right now, and get to it. 

But don’t forget to bookmark this list so you can come back for more. 

Good luck!

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