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Jeff Goins on the Portfolio Life

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Ever wonder what Jeff Goins and Leonardo da Vinci have in common? Jeff calls it the Portfolio Life, and it’s nothing so simple as where you invest your money. Instead, it’s where you invest your money, your time, and your life.

Today Jeff and Danny talk about how the shift in the business world has freed us from the jobs of ‘robots,’ what that means for you and your future, and how to be your own ‘patron.’ This is the idea that your business can and should sustain your art, whatever your art may be.


Download the transcript here.

  • At 5:00 – Jeff blows the notion of long-term job security out of the water, and explains what is taking its place.
  • At 8:00 – Jeff explains what the new kind of mastery is, and it’s NOT being a jack of all trades, nor is it being a factory ‘robot.’
  • At 12:00 – A creative at heart, Jeff talks about the thought process he went through when he decided to be his OWN patron.
  • At 18:00 – Jeff discusses how the Portfolio Life goes far beyond the money, the job, and the economy; it has everything to do with life at home as well.
  • At 25:00 – Jeff gives his ‘next steps’ for anyone looking to begin living the Portfolio Life.