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Risk, Opportunity and Possibility with Jason Zook


Jason Zook is no stranger to risk and opportunity, and he’s been on both sides of the bank ledger for it. From selling his last name twice (can you imagine being Jason Headsetsdotcom?), to wearing company t-shirts and talking about their brands for money, what sets Jason apart is his originality.

He was the type of kid who got bad grade in school, not because he got the wrong answers. Jason got the RIGHT answers, but he was penalized for not working them out the right way.

Today, Danny talks with Jason about his unique business style, the twists and turns he went through personally and professionally, and finally, about how he achieved his current success as Jason Zook.

Download the transcript here.

    • At 5:00 – Jason talks about all the problems he had with his various launches, and how much money he lost as a result. The answer is surprising.
    • At 9:00 – While he doesn’t believe in luck, Jason believes on one thing: things will be tough. He shares his message on how to overcome these things.
    • At 10:00 – Jason gives a shocking example of who actually succeeds with entrepreneurship, and who doesn’t have the grit to see it through.
    • At 16:00 – Jason gives his thoughts and an honest account of when he was $100,000 in debt, and how it felt revealing it for the first time on stage, where he was scheduled to give a talk on success.
    • At 23:00 – Like Danny, Jason crawled out of his debt, and he shares the steps he took to do it.
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