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Integrated Healthcare with James Maskell

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James Maskell has often been mistaken for a doctor as he discusses integrated medicine and chronic illness, but the truth is, he’s not.

Instead, he was raised in a household that practiced holistic care from a very young age. Over the course of his career in the medical system, James talked with thousands of doctors and attended countless conferences to hear them speak. In that time, James came across a huge problem with the American healthcare system. Today, James and Danny talk about the future of health care, and the business model that will sustain it.

He believes that functional healthcare shouldn’t be only for the rich.

Download the transcript here.

At 3:00 – James explains the difference between acute and chronic illness, and how focus on one over the other causes an incredible amount of suffering and death each year.
At 9:00 – James explains the letdown that doctors feel upon entering the medical system, and how it’s counter-intuitive to what they believed they’d be doing in medical school.
At 11:00 – Danny and James uncover the root of the financial problem if medicine is to evolve to more wholesome practices.
At 13:00 – James lays out the ways that an evolved system of medical treatment could become more sustainable, and also provide better, more comprehensive care.
At 25:00 – James shares his strategy for getting people talking about the problem, and how he hopes the conversation will spark answers to the financial shortage.