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Elements of High Performance with Todd Herman


There’s a lot of coaches out there with one goal in mind—to make you a happier person. But Todd Herman has a different take on coaching, and it’s not to make you happy but to make you a master of high performance. Todd thinks when you perform at your best in body, emotion, and mind the natural result of THAT is happiness.

Whether or not you agree, you can’t argue with Todd’s results. His way of looking at high performance began in working with children. His message was so strong it affected their parents, some of whom were business executives and influences. From there it was just a matter of time before Todd was working with them as well.

On today’s Business Reimagined, Danny and Todd talk about the elements of high performance, how the mind works, and the simple Venn diagram he created to explain business that not even MBA graduates can break.

Download the transcript here.

      • At 3:00 – Todd talks about what sets him apart from other coaches, and it has everything to do with context over content. It’s the ‘ah-HA’ moments he’s looking for, where content becomes personally applicable.
      • At 7:00 – Todd shares his number one piece of advice for anyone new to any field whether it’s sports, online business, marketing, or anything else. Find out what one thing Todd says you need to learn to be successful and keep you on solid footing.
      • At 11:00 – Todd’s Venn diagram for business—any type of business—might seem simple but not even MBA students can break it. Find out what it is, and why it works.
      • At 17:00 – Todd talks mental game and how to deal with impostor syndrome. And his unique take on embracing it helps you to be more successful.
      • At 29:00 – Parting thoughts from Todd, including the single biggest thing you can do for yourself to advance in your field. It’s something he did himself.


About Audra Casino

Audra Casino is a broadcast professional with 20 years of experience in performance, showrunning, and audio production. She got her start at a tiny radio station in the middle of nowhere, then worked her way up to the fifth largest broadcast market in the US. From there, Audra made the lateral step into podcasting, with the determination to bring professional audio and performance skills to an increasingly competitive market. Her vision is to work with people who are passionate about storytelling and communication, and to help give them the edge they need to make great podcasts, engage with their fans, and support their passions.

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