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Making Rockstar Events with Louie La Vella

making rockstar events louie la vella

When the world slams a door in your face, do you give up, or do you build your OWN door? Today’s guest, Louie La Vella, is a carpenter-type entrepreneur. Every time a door closed for him, he built another. He’s spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry, and now focuses on creating amazing events that give a one-of-a-kind experience.

What’s holding YOU back from putting on an event, or being a rockstar speaker at someone else’s event? Discover:

  • How Louie broke into radio and television after he was turned down
  • What makes an event successful in a competitive market
  • What to do when your potential clients don’t want your help but desperately need it

If you’re tired of doors being slammed in your face as an entrepreneur, you don’t want to miss this episode. Build your own doors and craft amazing experiences.

            • At 3:00 – Louie talks about being rejected by his ideal clients, and pivoting to even greater success.
            • At 5:00 – Danny and Louie talk about event success in terms of crafting experience, and why it matters in a competitive environment.
            • At 9:00 – Louie explains how a rebrand works for an older or unpopular event, and the steps to take to bring it back to life.
            • At 12:00 – Louie addresses how to be a compelling presenter at other people’s events.
            • At 16:00 – Louie wraps up with his philosophy on entrepreneurship and how it’s made him an incredible success.

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