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How to Build an Entrepreneur with Ash Maurya


entrepreneur ash maurya

An entrepreneur isn’t an entrepreneur no matter how many businesses they try to build or how many startups they have a hand in. Entrepreneurs are built, too, and it’s a step too often skipped.

Today’s guest, Ash Maurya, founder of LeanStack, knows all about entrepreneurship. He also knows from personal experience what happens when you don’t build that skillset first. He’ll also be the first to tell you that the tools available to help you become a better entrepreneur aren’t readily available, especially when it comes to ideas and business plans. Discover:

  • The revolutionary way to ‘pilot’ a book and become a thought leader
  • How to tell when an idea will work and when it won’t
  • Where great business ideas come from
  • The alternative to a business plan that works like LEGOs

If you’re interested in a simple, flexible way to build a business, or how to know when you’ve got an idea worth pursuing, you don’t want to miss this episode.

  • At 4:00 – How to write a book using the lean startup method, and make yourself a thought leader in the process.
  • At 8:00 – Ash describes how his lean startup method goes a step further than its predecessors, and how it simplifies the process.
  • At 12:30 – Ash explains why the LeanCanvas method is something anyone can do; you don’t have to be a software designer like he is to use it.
  • At 17:00 – There’s lean startups, running lean, and now, Ash has a new book called Scaling Lean. Find out what that means for growing businesses.
  • At 21:00 – Ash explains why his passion lies in lean startups, and how he strives to build entrepreneurs instead of businesses.customer service

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