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Corbett Barr on What it Means to be in Business

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There’s a big misconception going around about business. Either you climb the corporate ladder as fast as you can and retire, or you become an entrepreneur trying to hit a homerun, and you work yourself into oblivion to get there.

Corbett Barr of Fizzle used to believe the same thing, but a trip to Mexico completely changed his perspective of what business is, specifically entrepreneurship, and how people really CAN put their lives in front of their businesses.

What’s more, they can build something that’s not just big, but great, the type of company to truly makes a positive impact on the world around it. There might be growing pains along the way, but Corbett talks about how to avoid as many of them as you can, and how to remain sane during the scaling up process.

Download the transcript here.

      • At 5:00 – Corbett talks about his amazing experience in Mexico that reshaped his entire way of thinking about entrepreneurship and his future.
      • At 9:00 – Scaling up is daunting, especially when you’re used to operating alone, and Corbett talks about the transition from a company of one to where he is now. He also describes what TYPE of people he hired.
      • At 12:00 – Corbett explains what his benchmarks are for business. The first one has NOTHING to do with money but EVERYTHING to do with how and why you build your business. He also points out that Airbnb and Uber may be huge, but aren’t necessarily great.
      • At 19:00 – Even though he disliked just about everything about the consulting company he worked for, Corbett brought one highly important concept with him, a metric that measured something other than company profit. He shares that thoughtful way to look at your employees.
      • At 21:00 – Corbett digs into exactly how he sees business differently than other people, from start up to scaling up, and the very first thing you can do to avoid a lot of trouble and heartache in YOUR business.