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Pat Flynn on Building an Offer

Pat Flynn on building an offer

It’s hard to believe that success in building an offer can drag you down. Really – if you’re raking in thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even a cool million, is that the kind of success your heart desires? Or do you want to create something that will be a legacy for everyone?

Today’s guest, Pat Flynn, is no stranger to building ultra-successful products. He’s been doing the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast for years and is a best-selling author. His latest book, Will It Fly, is about a wonderful process of validating your offer, but with a unique twist.

Find out what that twist is and more on today’s Business Reimagined with Danny Iny.

      • At 5:00 – Pat talks about his biggest mistake, what he would have done differently after being laid off from his architecture job, and it’s something that every aspiring entrepreneur needs to hear.
      • At 6:30 – Pat shares his own doubts and fears that beginning entrepreneurs often face, like impostor syndrome and competition, and how he conquered them.
      • At 10:00 – His new book, Will It Fly, is written for anyone wanting to create a product – even a physical product, and Pat shares one of the most important concepts that you won’t find in most courses.
      • At 12:30 – Pat shares his thoughts on transparency and a simple exercise you can do with one sheet of paper and a pen that will help you focus your whole life.

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