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Branding Over Marketing with Glen T. Campbell


As a small business owner, how can you compete with the 800-pound gorilla in your space? Easy! You can be human. But you’re not going to accomplish that with marketing. You do it with branding.

Do you know the difference between marketing and branding?

Glen T Campbell does, and on today’s Business Reimagined, he explains why he believes that ‘marketing’ has become a dirty word, and why great branding is what will give you an advantage over everyone else. Glen has been honing his skills for nearly 3 decades with some of the top marketing agencies across the globe, and now works directly with leaders.

You’ve GOT to hear his 3 step process to create a winning brand, and it starts with you, the CEO or entrepreneur: Understanding, Pulse, and Connection. Glen talks about how these 3 things will filter out through your organization, and into the minds and hearts of your audience.

If you’re sick of false marketing and want to create something meaningful, you’re going to LOVE today’s episode with Glen T Campbell.

      • At 4:00 – Glen shares his 3 step process that starts with the leader or entrepreneur: Understanding, Pulse, and Connection.
      • At 8:00 – Glen explains what happens to a brand when all three things are achieved, and gives some real-life examples of companies that exhibit top-notch branding, including the owner of a small chain of butchers, led by Ray the Butcher.
      • At 14:00 – Danny asks a very pointed question: Is Walmart a brand? Glen gives his surprising answer that reached back to the genesis of the company and its original vision.
      • At 17:00 – Glen explains exactly what he means when he says ‘brand,’ and what happens when a company starts with a great brand and loses it.
      • At 2:00 – Sometimes business owners don’t have time to build a brand before they make money, and Glen sets those concerns to rest. He explains how brand is built not just through communication and marketing, but also with every transaction a business makes.

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