About Stefan Drew

Stefan Drew aka The Marketing Magician is a man who appears in those little black books that the media keep where they store their best sources and find people to interview. At home in the UK, he can sometimes be heard on up to five BBC stations in a single evening, and the BBC always introduce him as The Marketing Magician. Stefan is also heard on radio stations throughout the world, and his ideas appear on the websites of international organisations everywhere. His ideas and advice are relevant to sole traders and corporates alike. That's why he's The Marketing Magician! You can find Stefan on Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

My "Good Friend" and other Marketing Myths

Last week, I received an email invite to attend a webinar with someone whose list I’ve been on for a few months. They were going to be interviewing their “good friend”, the President of a major corporation/country/intergalactic empire (you fill in the gaps) on April 1st. Of course webinar attendance was free but there would be the obligatory sales pitch at some stage, and undoubtedly the list holder would get a commission from his “good …