About Pam Hamilton

Pam Hamilton, better known as the home-biz coach, is an attorney and coach who's passionate about helping home-based & micro business owners figure out how to succeed in grabbing their share of today's global economy & make more money doing what they love using proven business start-up, development & growth strategies. Grab a copy of her free report - 3 Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make And How to Avoid Them All, plus a 4-Video Marketing Series for more money saving marketing strategies that grow your business.

Referrals, Strategic Alliances & Other Schemes – Why Asking the Right Question Matters!

In August, I will have been a practising attorney for twenty years, and for the last seven of those years I have been a business coach as well. One of the things I’ve discovered in all that time is that clients almost never ask the questions they should be asking. Instead, and I guess not surprisingly, they ask what they know about. Which of course leaves us as service professionals giving answers that aren’t necessarily …